Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fun and Affordable

Here’s an idea for those of you who like to draw and who are not afraid to showcase their creations for other people’s critique. It’s also a very funky and very affordable (but time-consuming! However, I think it took me longer to figure out how to scan and scan the pictures, than to draw them J) way to decorate your house. 

When you go through your favorite fashion/home magazines, do you ever notice those cute pictures that look as if they were hand-drawn? Well, I think some of them are very fun and hip, and deserve to be out for people’s view, not just inside a magazine. But instead of cutting them out of the magazines and putting them into frames, I decided to add more love and sketch them myself. It’s quite easy if you’re good with copying shapes (you can also simply trace them, but some of the pictures are pretty small for that). Here are the results:

Magazine Picture:                                                                                                       My Picture:


  1. wow very cool pictures!


  2. OMG!! Love Love!! Ihaven't pulled out the crayons and paper in a looongg time. This post has definitely inspired me to sketch again. Thank you!! And they look amazing!!
    Keep up the lovely blog!!

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  4. Nice post, I like it so much! These illustrations are so beautiful!!!

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  5. aw i love your recreations of the illustrations! they are so fun! you are a really wonderful artist :)