Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Sweater: NY & Company;  Pants: friend's gift;  Boots: via Marshall's;  Jewelry: via Feline's Basement

Yea, yea, I know what you guys are thinking: “Second day – same background, same pants…” (because I’m sure that’s one of the first things you think about all day J).Well, what can I say… guilty as charged! But the thing is I love how this brick wall looks in the pictures, I think it gives them a very cool, modern look (well, actually what I like about it the most is that it’s right outside my house, but you don’t know that!), and the pants? Well, they had a very long break in my closet since the summer, so I feel bad and now I’m just trying to make it up to them. So there, excuses, excuses… J

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back on Track

Wow, I just realized that it's been a long time since my last outfit post. But with all this holiday craziness, and going back to school on Monday ( L ), I don't even feel guilty. Well, now with one major holiday of the season down and everybody back to work, I'm now, too, back on track :)

Cardigan, Belt and Necklace: NY & Company;  Top: American Eagle;  Pants: friend's gift (aka hand-me-downs); Boots: via Marshall's; Earrings: vintage from Russia

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fun and Affordable

Here’s an idea for those of you who like to draw and who are not afraid to showcase their creations for other people’s critique. It’s also a very funky and very affordable (but time-consuming! However, I think it took me longer to figure out how to scan and scan the pictures, than to draw them J) way to decorate your house. 

When you go through your favorite fashion/home magazines, do you ever notice those cute pictures that look as if they were hand-drawn? Well, I think some of them are very fun and hip, and deserve to be out for people’s view, not just inside a magazine. But instead of cutting them out of the magazines and putting them into frames, I decided to add more love and sketch them myself. It’s quite easy if you’re good with copying shapes (you can also simply trace them, but some of the pictures are pretty small for that). Here are the results:

Magazine Picture:                                                                                                       My Picture:

Healthy Recipe

After all these Thanksgiving festivities, delicious dishes and awesome drinks, it’s finally time (relief, relief!) to eat something healthy and light. So let’s talk healthy. At the risk of losing all of my readers, who might be easily grossed out by this post, I am still going to talk about a healthy product that some people simply find disgusting – chicken liver. But as we Russians are quite fearless when it comes to food, I would like to share a great recipe that I found a few months ago. But first let me tell you of the benefits this underestimated product provides. Did you know that chicken liver is an excellent source for a number of vitamins (A, C, every B vitamin in abundance), minerals (copper, iron, manganese, niacin, zinc), high-quality proteins (with all essential amino acids), and nutrients especially important for cardio-vascular function??!?!  And to top this off, it contains an unidentified anti-fatigue factor AND is pretty low in calories (30 grams = 47 calories)! (Retrieved from here) Intrigued??!

Well, if you’re still unimpressed or just simply can’t tolerate the product (totally understandable!) you probably should stop reading right now. However, if you’d like to five the thing a try, let’s proceed to the recipe.

1. Take a big dish and lay it out with leaves of lettuce (can also use spinach, baby arugula, or combination of either). On top of the leaves, throw halves of cherry tomatoes.

2. In a pan, slightly fry chicken liver in oil (olive, corn or vegetable are preferred) till it has nice brown coating (it usually takes approximately 5-7 minutes. Frying it longer might make it dry and coarse).

3. Mix your own dressing by combining one-to-one ratio of olive oil and balsamic vinegar (I put two table spoons of each) and press a couple of gloves of garlic. Mix well.

4. Put pieces of browned liver on top of the dish.

 5. Pour your dressing on top.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brights and Whites

Sometimes it really helps to talk about one’s passions with his/her friends and family, because you might end up leaving the conversation with some great ideas. Yes, I am indeed talking about myself. A few days ago I talked to my aunt about my blog and how I might want to change/improve it, etc., and she has given me a wonderful idea (it was more of a request on her side J). She asked me to figure out a way to add a style section for the women over 40, saying it would be great to see a “younger” and “fresher” take on the subject.  So by request of my favorite aunt, I am now going to try to put together outfits for "Ageless Fashion" section - a section that will focus on styles that are suitable for wider age range. I’m very excited to see how it works. So, let’s get started…

This week's focus is on the white outerwear and how to combine it with bright-colored "office-style" clothes. I guess I was inspired by the [unusually] warm fall weather, that makes me want to focus on lighter/brighter tones. I think white jackets, vests, and coats are absolutely ageless. I am also a believer that they might help make a woman look younger. Below, I put together three looks for this trend:
Brights and Whites

Splendid sport shirt, $45
By Malene Birger silk top, $345
MICHAEL Michael Kors long vest, $990
Isabel marant jacket, £489
Missoni striped coat, €338
L Agence navy skirt, $310
Silk skirt, £225
Kelly Bergin knee length pencil skirt, £525
High heel shoes, $86
Pour La Victoire hidden platform pumps, $236
GUESS pointy toe pumps, $99
R J Graziano bangles jewelry, $50
Rolex 18k jewelry, $8,900
Citrine By The Stones cuff jewelry, €117
Kenneth Jay Lane gold tone earrings, $53
Noemi Klein rock jewelry, £85
Chain jewelry, $488
Vince camuto, $88
Diane von Fürstenberg genuine leather belt, $336

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fashionable Wall Pictures

After thoroughly contemplating whether I should go shopping on this Black Friday or not, I finally decided to stay in (at least for now), and do some errands around the house; and because I’m in such an inspired mood today, I decided to post another idea for decorating your house. Here’s how I decorated my room with pictures that look very stylish and are very cheap to make:

1)  Buy simple white picture frames from a dollar store (you can also buy them in any other color and paint them in the color that goes best with the style of your room)

2) Cut out pictures that you like from your favorite magazines

3) Take out the inside paper and glue the picture to the paper

4) Put the frame back together

5) Voilà! Cheap and chic!

xoxo Olga

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Classy Thanksgiving

After having tried on something like 17 different outfits, I decided to stop on this classy look. After all, Thanksgiving is a family gathering, and what does the family like better than a serious 20-something-year-old in a classy outfit? 

I pulled this jacket because its pattern looks very Thanksgiving-ish to me. It is also quite special to me because my mom sewed it with her own hands! Thank you, mommy!

Also, because this is the time to give thanks, I want to take this time to thanks everyone I know for simply being in my life. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and it equally applies to meeting new people. I appreciate having every single person who falls into my life.  With all your help and support I am inspired to grow and improve. Thank you!

Jacket: hand-sewn; Pants and Belt: NY & Company; Black Top: via M.J.Maxx; Shoes: Ralph Lauren 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away...

I know it’s not a good thing from the psychological point of view, but gloomy weather always makes me, well, gloomy. When it’s gray and cloudy outside I get quite melancholic. Maybe that's why I've been wearing so much gray and black lately. Hmm, I'm starting to scare myself, but I do have a solution - I'm sure a bit of shopping therapy after my classes will fix the situation. 

Knit Tunic: 2B bebe;  Purple Shirt: via Marshall's;  Velvet Leggings and Belt: Guess; Boots: via T.J. Maxx

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Commuter

I was thinking to write about something nice and positive on my way back home from college, but then my train took almost an hour longer to get to my station! An HOUR! Of course the mood was ruined... Ugh!
But here are the photos from this morning - when I was all happy and optimistic :)

Jacket: via Macy's;  Shirt and Pants: Express;  Top: American Eagle;  Boots: via T.J. Maxx;  Belt: NY & Company