Saturday, October 29, 2011


Sooo, don’t you just love this weather? For those of you from another coast, “No” is the answer. It was snowing all day! In October! A friend said that the last time it snowed in October in Philadelphia was during the Civil War! Well, no matter how long ago it was, it is absolutely ridiculous!

But crazy as I am, I still got in my lovely 18-year-old car (do NOT mock it – it is absolutely fabulous and I love it a little too much!) and got on the road. I had to run some errands, and I decided to take the chance and stop by this vintage Indian American shop and take a few pictures of their handmade jewelry. I thought I’d put up some ideas for fun, funky accessories and what not… Well, guess what? They didn’t let me! I was so upset, I came home and decided to eat my sorrows away with these store-bought cupcakes… Do you think I take “No” a little too close to my heart?

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