Monday, October 31, 2011

My Conservative Halloween

Yay! It's Halloween!
I love Halloween: I love when we have tons of candy in the house, I love when kids come knocking on the door when it gets dark, I love seeing some people put on costumes to college (very, very brave people), and of course I love that tomorrow is the first day of one of my favorite months (Thanksgiving, anyone?)...
I hope you all had great weekend full of costume parties and fun (mine unfortunately fell through, but I made up for it by shopping at Victoria's Secret and ordering three pairs of shows online. Can't wait till they arrive!). Enjoy your trick-or-treating Monday :)

Because my weekend didn't really put me into Halloween mood, and simply in an attempt not to outshine those costumed people at school, I decided to dress conservatively today.


  1. Love the flats!

  2. loving the vest! and your front porch is decorated so festively :) super cute blog!


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  3. cute outfit! you look awesome! XX