Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interesting Issue

Hmm, an interesting (and totally random) issue…

Today in my Business Communications class, a professor was explaining the convenience of having 3 points in any presentation you might need to do for any topic or issue. Why 3? It’s easy to memorize, and there is a great chance you’ll actually remember them in the future. 
To provide an example, she asked the class a rhetoric question: “For instance, what would be the 3 points if you were to talk about the topic of fashion” (which was a little random considering I’m in Business school with no majors in or relevant to fashion. Go figure…)? Well, I thought about it, and here I present you with my 3 points if I were to have a presentation on the topic of fashion:
1. It’s changing (Fashion is not constant. The commonly knows expression “Nothing is forever” couldn’t be more appropriate for the world of fashion. Thing go in and out of style with tremendous pace. But isn’t that what makes it so much fun?)
2. It’s expressive (It might be a way to have fun or it might be a way to go formal. It’s definitely a way to make an impression, and you get to choose what kind of impression you want to make. You can play around with different styles, and make people see different sides of you through the way you dress and accessorize.)
3. Know YOUR style! (You know the expression “To each their own”? Well, it’s exactly how it works in the world of fashion. You have to find the style that suits your personality, that expresses qualities pertinent to you. Don’t be afraid to be unique. It’s great to have a style role model, but don’t try to imitate someone – you may lose yourself in the process. Remember, you are one of a kind, and the language of fashion can help you express it with no words.)

xoxo Olga

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