Monday, October 31, 2011

My Conservative Halloween

Yay! It's Halloween!
I love Halloween: I love when we have tons of candy in the house, I love when kids come knocking on the door when it gets dark, I love seeing some people put on costumes to college (very, very brave people), and of course I love that tomorrow is the first day of one of my favorite months (Thanksgiving, anyone?)...
I hope you all had great weekend full of costume parties and fun (mine unfortunately fell through, but I made up for it by shopping at Victoria's Secret and ordering three pairs of shows online. Can't wait till they arrive!). Enjoy your trick-or-treating Monday :)

Because my weekend didn't really put me into Halloween mood, and simply in an attempt not to outshine those costumed people at school, I decided to dress conservatively today.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Fashionable Cat

So this sunny Sunday morning I made a pleasant discovery: my cat is also very into fashion! :) Just look how much he loved this box from my Express online purchase :) Aaand he matches it! Isn't he the cutest thing?!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Sooo, don’t you just love this weather? For those of you from another coast, “No” is the answer. It was snowing all day! In October! A friend said that the last time it snowed in October in Philadelphia was during the Civil War! Well, no matter how long ago it was, it is absolutely ridiculous!

But crazy as I am, I still got in my lovely 18-year-old car (do NOT mock it – it is absolutely fabulous and I love it a little too much!) and got on the road. I had to run some errands, and I decided to take the chance and stop by this vintage Indian American shop and take a few pictures of their handmade jewelry. I thought I’d put up some ideas for fun, funky accessories and what not… Well, guess what? They didn’t let me! I was so upset, I came home and decided to eat my sorrows away with these store-bought cupcakes… Do you think I take “No” a little too close to my heart?

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have always considered myself quite a girly girl. I have been totally in love with flower and animal prints, lace and numerous accessories, and heels have always been my primary pick when it came to footwear selection. Well, not anymore, I guess. The recent focus in fashion on such items as boyfriend jeans and shirts, combat boots, and various other tough but fabulous pieces have changed my perception of my own style. So there I was, standing at T.J. Maxx and admiring these awesome boots that I would've never worn before but absolutely love now. I guess changes are good every once in a while. It is so great to be able to express different sides of one’s character through trying and mixing various styles. 

Sweater and Tank: Express;  Pants: Motivi;  Boots: via T.J. Maxx;  Necklace: Body Central;  Earrings: Vintage (from Russia);  Bracelet: gift from the Ukraine

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time to Let Go

After checking a few other blogs for inspirations and ideas, I noticed that many of my fellow bloggers are starting to wear and post their fall-colored clothes (e.g. orange, yellow, brown, etc.). Well, even though I am very excited for this season for its beautiful appearance, clear and crisp air and anticipation of the upcoming holidays, I, personally, am also not very ready to let go of the summer (I know, I know – it’s about time). That would explain my more-summer-than-fall colored outfit.  

Also, I have realized today that I’ve been ruthlessly underestimating the beauty and practicality of broches. So today, instead of simply putting a scarf around my neck, I decided to pin it with a broche to add a little more detail to the outfit.

Cardigan: NY and Company;  Tank: American Eagle;  Pants: Express;  Scarf: via Marshall's;  
Flats: Style and Co. via T.J. Maxx;  Broche: Victoria's Secret

Monday, October 24, 2011

Feeling Blue

I just realized today, that this is the third week in a row when I say: “This is going to be my worst week” regarding the load of homework, exams and presentations. Well, this time it probably truly is the worst – among all the homework, two exams and bunch of study sessions for group projects I have two presentations tomorrow! I’m not going to lie – I am very, very scared… I guess that would explain why I instinctively dressed in so much blue today – I am feeling blue. But I keep reminding myself that after tomorrow it’ll all be over, and I will be able to go back to my normal somewhat stress-free days. See, positive thinking… J

Coat: Laundry by Shelli Segal via Marshall's;  Top: Hollister;  Pants:  Express;  Shoes: BCBG;  Scarf: Collection Eighteen via Marshall's; Earrings: NY & Company

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Maybe I have watched Sex and the City way too much and I’m a little too much in love with Carrie Bradshaw’s fearless style, but at some point I felt like I just HAD TO have sparkly shoes! So, here, my splurge of the month – Steve Madden pink sparkly pumps. I personally think they are absolutely fabulous… What do you think?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Wish List

Here, I've put together a collection of items that are truthfully close to my heart. While I am conscious about the fact that most of these things are impossible for me to get at the time, as far as I’m concerned no one banned one's right to dream and aspire. So, here are some of the items that I am truly longing for. 
 Retrieved from: Blue DVFBlack DVFMaria CornejoRachel Zoe

Retrieved from: ExpressProenza SchoulerFurlaMulberry


These past couple of days I have been feeling very nostalgic for my New York Summer Internship days, so as a tribute to it I decided to wear this "I <3 New York" t-shirt I bought on the streets of Manhattan. Most people would consider it the most plain and useless thing, but I truly treasure it. Pathetic, right? Well, whatever makes me happy :) 
I actually love dressing up simple t-shirts with jackets, high heels and cool jewelry. It's a great look when you try to be casual but not too much so.
Jacket: Express;  Jeans: via PacSun;  Shoes: BCBG;  Necklace: via Macy's

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bigger IS Better

Nope, I’m not trying to take on a new character and start being inappropriate. I am simply expressing a new fashion find: an over-sized button down shirt. I think this idea looks trendy and chic. I bought mine at H&M in size 12 (while I usually wear their size 4 or 6, depending on the model)!  

However, be careful not to go too big because that might make you look frumpy and disproportionate. Some of the things to consider when picking a shirt of this kind are:

First, focus on the length. It should be long enough to cover your bottom, but not too much longer. Otherwise, it will make your legs look shorter.

Second, look at the way it fits on your shoulders. Avoid shirts that are too wide at the shoulders and hang too far down your arms – it will make your upper body look heavy and disproportionate.

Third, make sure you have the right belt to cinch in the shirt at the waist. It’ll define your figure and make you look curvier in all the right places.

Forth, wear the right type of bottoms. Skinny pant or jeans look best with this style. However, you could try other options - you never know till you try it on.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to accessorize. If you want to look more modest, you could wear a little short necklace that would peek from underneath the shirt. For a bolder look, you could place a longer necklace or a chain over the collar to add some individuality.

Shirt: H&M;  Black Skinny Pant: Motivi (hand-me-down from a friend); Shoes: BCBG;  Belt: via Marshall's;  Jewelry: via Feline's Basement.   

Happy Moments

I was going through my email box this morning, and I came across the following quote I left unread a long time ago. I thought it would be nice to go back and read it one day. And it truly was nice! I think the quote is very true and inspirational. We do have to be content with the way we are. It is important to embrace our best qualities and traits. Don’t concentrate on your flaws – remember nothing is perfect. Accept yourself the way you are and enhance your potentials.

"May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.  May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are.  Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us."

Here's just a nice, “happy” picture. It is amazing how sometimes little things like this have a tendency to make me happy J

My mom brought this picture from her trip to Quebec. It really make me want to visit the city!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

Alright, so the attempt to make this weekend as productive as possible did not really work out. I did accomplish some of the things I had planned, but for the most part I ended up spending time watching the television and going through my closet. However, because the latter one is one of my favorite occupations there is, I don’t even feel guilty as I truly enjoyed the process. After all, isn’t being able to enjoy what you do what the weekend is for?

But Monday is back, and I am ready to start up a new week with a few outfits in mind J

Shirt and Pants: Express;  Jewelry: NY and Company;  Shoes: Tahari via Marshall's

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cardigan: Free People; Brown Top: Tahari; Pants: Express; Belt: via T.J.Maxx; Shoes: Ralph Lauren;  Bag: Guess;  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Jewelry: via Feline's Basement

After a crazy week of exams and presentations, I was truly looking forward to this weekend, especially just to finally get a good night sleep. And what was the result? Couldn't fall asleep till 3am and woke up at 7am! Well, lack of sleep has never really bothered me anyway, and with this wonderful sunny weather I was excited to get up early so I could search the Internet for some new ideas and some inspiration and be prepared to go shopping...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Work in Progress

Working hard on Friday morning before the classes start. Here's a proof ;)

xoxo Olga

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Crops

It's a well-known fact that Fall is a season for gathering crops. However, what's more important is that Fall is also a season for wearing "crops" - cropped pants that is!
Here are a few shots from Fall 2011 collections by various designers:

retrieved from

Emporio Armani Fall 2011 (left); Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2011 (right)

Emilio Pucci Fall 2011

Moschino Fall 2011