Saturday, April 15, 2017

Night On the Town

Today, my friends and I had a night on the town planned. We had planned this outing a long time ago. One of our friends had moved to Harrisburg, PA and that tremendously decreased out ability to see each other on a regular basis. To add to that, another friend from the same group of friends decided to move back to San Diego by the end of April, so a fun night out was a must. 

We planned this weekend a while ago, and were extremely happy it was finally here. The plan was to go to a nice restaurant for dinner and then continue exploring bars of New York City. The night was a success! First, we went to the Stanton Central, an upscale restaurant on Lower East Side. After a beautiful dinner there, we headed over to Apotheke, a hidden mixology bar in Chinatown. After a couple of hours and a few too many drinks, we realized that we were hungry again, so we took course to West Village to get some greasy midnight food. 

The entire night was so, so fun! I am so blessed to have such wonderful, amazing friends.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Confidence Over Comfort

Ever since I cut my hair, I wore it in a ponytail to work pretty much every single day. When I am at work, I need comfort. I get really annoyed when I am trying to focus on my task and my hair keeps falling onto my face. Hence, ponytails every day. Today I felt like wearing it down. There come the times when I put comfort aside and put more focus on how I feel that day. If I feel like dressing up and looking more put together, I go for a style that's not about being comfortable but is about being confident. Today was one of those days. So in a dress, with my hair down, I headed to work.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Checkered Shirt and Jeans

Just continuing with a casual style. Simple checkered shirt and jeans.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Restaurant Astoria

Oh how much I love Russian restaurants in the United States! The grand interior decor, the abundance of food, the live music, the dancing... Parties at Russian restaurants are always absolutely amazing. The funny thing is there are pretty much no restaurants like this back in Russia, but here we very much enjoy visiting these fine establishments.

Today we were celebrating my stepdad's 60th birthday at restaurant Astoria, located in Northeast Philly. It was a blast! It was so wondering to dress up and go to a beautiful party with the family and closest family friends. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Short Hair (This Time I Care)

By now you should know just how much I love changing up my hair. By changing my hair, I sort of always mark a new start, a new beginning of something, I feel like a new person. Typically this involves dying my hair a new color - damaging but easily reversible (in case I don't like the color). However, this time around I went for a more drastic and more lasting change. I wanted a new haircut, so 40 minutes and 10 inches off my hair later, I was looking like a new person with a new, short cut. Why did I do it? Maybe I just wanted a fresh, stylish haircut. Or maybe I had an extremely tough couple of weeks and was going through a mini meltdown...

I am trying to come up with a perfectly plausible explanation of what brought on this change and I am really struggling. I have always associated my long hair with something that made me more attractive, more feminine, and just more "me". I am fully aware that my long hair was never in a good condition, especially given all the damage I had done by constantly changing my hair color, but regardless long hair was my security blanket. I remember when I was a child, I cut my hair short and I absolutely hated it. That time I swore that I would never cut it short again. And I haven't until now. 

This time, I just needed a change that was bigger and more meaningful than simply changing the color of my hair. I knew that I would like myself with this short haircut much less than I like myself with long hair. But in a way I wanted to do it for that reason, as if I finally wanted to take my mind off of what I thought made me more attractive and instead start focusing on what is inside. It's like I wanted to be more unnoticeable in a way, to just hide in my thoughts and to finally be sympathetic towards myself and the people around me. Chopping off those inches of hair was a good way to let go of some prejudices I had about what makes me me. It's not the length of my hair, it's not the size of my clothes, it's not the amount of makeup I put on; it's the lessons I learn and the information I acquire, it's the struggles I go through and the goals I achive, it's the kind thoughts I have towards the people around me, and it's the learning of having those kind thoughts towards myself.