Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So Many Questions

There are so many questions that torment me on a pretty much daily basis. Where exactly do I belong? What should I do with my life? Am I accomplishing enough? As I try and I try and I try and still fail; do I need to try harder? Do I need to try a different approach? Do I need to let go and focus on something else?  But what if I’m not ready to let go as this is something I actually like? How come I’m afraid of a change even though I feel like I need a change? Do I really need a change? So many questions, so few answers, so little faith. What can be worse? Actually, that is not entirely true – I do have faith that no matter how many questions I may have and how lost and confused I may be at any given moment, the answer will always come and there will always be a ‘way out’. As for now, I am trying to focus on what is, and not what may be. I am grateful to have an opportunity to wake up in the morning, dress up and experience everything any given day brings to me.

{Sunday Brunch at Cafe Lalo}

Parka: Calvin Klien;  Sweater Dress: via Strawberry;  Sunnies: Givenchy

Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Speakeasy Event

Last Saturday I got a chance to attend another beautiful Speakeasy Dollhouse: The Brothers Booth event. If you are in NYC and you are not looking to try something new (and ah-mazing!), I highly recommend participating in this incredible play featuring live jazz, moonshine and burlesque. How many opportunities, where we are encouraged to dress in the 1920s fashion and enjoy amazing live music, beautiful ambiance and an intriguing story plot, do we get in today's day and age? These events present the best means to escape our daily routines and immerse into a place full of glamour, fun and creativity.

This time I chose to wear this mint colored dress from LOFT, which resembles something close to the 1920s fashion. I do, however, feel a little bad that I did not put as much effort into my accessories, specifically a headpiece. But I will not get upset - there is always the next time to try out and perfect a new look. That's right, oh yes I'm going again =)
{Always wear my velco roller around the apartment - gotta keep those bangs wavy!}



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pursuit of Happiness

We get mad, we complain, we get upset. We focus on what cannot be done or what will not happen. We run away from our problems just to face them in an altered appearance. We get irritated and we irritate others. We disagree, we fight back. We stand our ground and we try to prove our point. We make decisions and we worry that they may not be the right ones. We go through changes, we try to change others. We try to adapt to our surroundings just to realize they are very subjective; we try to adjust our surroundings just to realize they are invariable. We go through all these states in pursuit of happiness just to realize that we already have the means to be happy, it’s just a matter of finding balance and letting ourselves be. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what’s right or wrong – act as your heart desires, act on a whim. Be yourself and be grateful. 

All of the above very much applies to me. I keep complaining when things could be much worse, I keep looking for more when I have quite enough, I focus on the negative when there is so much positive around me. All of these things are not necessarily bad, as they do help me strive for more; however, there comes a point when you realize that you possess a great deal of power when it comes to making yourself feel better or feel worse. As a simple example, I buy all these clothes because wearing them really makes me feel better, but then they end up hanging in the closet and never being worn as I wait for a 'special day' to wear them. Why not make every day a special day? Working on it, people, working on it.

Shorts: Express;  Top: NY & Company;  Boots: INC

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fear Not

A few days ago I finished reading a great book that truly put certain things in perspective. I strongly recommend The Alchemist, a tale of a shepherd on his way to finding treasure in the Pyramids in Egypt and ultimately learning the deepest secrets and lessons of life. As I was reading it, there were a few points I wanted to highlight for further consideration and possibly to write about them here in a series of posts. However, after a few pages I realized that it would mean highlighting pretty much the entire book as every thought had provoked some sort of thinking. One thought, however, had really struck my attention: “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” Isn’t it true? Think about it. Each and every one of us has access to the greatest resources our lives have to offer. It is a matter of allowing ourselves to let what we wish for into our lives. However, only a handful of people believe that they deserve it all, while the rest of us opt out for only dreaming of having something. Why is that? It’s quite simple actually – we are afraid that trying to achieve something will just leave us disappointed, that we won’t be able to achieve that final destination and will only ‘lose the game.’ If that does happen, though, are you really losing anything? I think not. The only thing you are losing is this meaningless dreaming about something that’s not meant for you. If you try something and ‘fail’, this will only give you a reason to move on and try something else. If you think about it this way you will realize that there is no such thing as failing. Any ‘failure’ is a means of gaining new experience, new dream and a new goal. So go ahead, do what you are afraid to do. Force yourself through it and you will see just how much is possible. 

Doing what makes me happy – dressing up, posing, posting; to the good times and many many more of these to come: